TUM Daten und Fakten


Every year the Technical University of Munich (TUM) publishes a small brochure with current facts and figures about their students, partners, networks and much more. My job was to manage the project together with our partners at TUM and create a new version of the brochure for the year 2018. 


Parts of the structure already existed from previous versions of the brochure. Nevertheless every page had to be rethought about depending on the new data. Also some chapters had to be created completely new. The goal was to show the facts in a clear visual style with a special focus on micro and macro typography. At the same time everything should harmonize with the Corporate Design of the university.


The project was developed during my time at ediundsepp Gestaltungsgesellschaft mbH in 2018.

spread of brochure with map on grey background

spread of brochure cover on grey background

spread of brochure with drone image on grey background

detail of brochure with TUM history on grey background

Hand Eye Mouth Hand Auge Mund