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The project aims to explore a novel interview and data collection method which collects and visualizes sensor-based data alongside a qualitative interview. This approach is used to investigate user behavior within the context of Instagram. While test users browse the app for a duration of approximately ten minutes, all touch events on their mobile devices are monitored and recorded. In addition, the same users are interviewed about their thoughts and emotions in specific moments of them using the app. Both layers of information are then synchronized and visualized in the form of an interactive website, thereby rendering motivations, emotions and decisions during each user’s interactions with the social network visible and tangible.


The project was developed during my fifth semester at FH Potsdam in 2020 together with Jona Pomerance, Anna Meide and Tạ Đoàn Vi Quân. My role was to co-create the concept and do the UI-Design. You can visit the website here.

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