Poor by Rent?
A data story about income and rent in Berlin

High rents and unsuitable apartments within reach – these are well known problems to many people in major German cities. But not everyone is affected equally. The data story ‘poor by rent?’ shows how income, household sizes, age and other factors influences the share of income that different households spend on their rent.

Within a bipartite story the study ‘Patterns of Social Inequality in Housing Provision in major German Cities’ is visualised with interactive data visualisations and information graphics. It shows which groups are most burdened by their rent and what has to be done to meet the biggest housing problems in major cities. The design uses mostly grey colours and rough textures derived from concrete facades. Due to the complex subject matter and data, simple visualisations are used, which stylistically relate to the overall theme of the story.

University Project at FH Potsdam, supervised by Prof. Dr. Marian Dörk
UI-Design, Information Visualisation, Frontend Development
Clara-Sophie Mau, Judith Neidhardt, Mennatullah Hendawy and Sofia Helfrich