Touch Touch Swipe
Showing an instagram user journey

Instagram is the most popular and widely-used social media platform as of today. The possiblities of interaction are the same for each user, and yet all of us experience the journey through our personalized feeds differently. The online article ’Touch Touch Swipe’ shows the journey of one instagram user by displaying the phones input data with a user interview side by side.

As a team we wanted to know how our personal relationships are mirrored in out Instagram feed and why we invest so much time using the app. By tracking touch interactions from one user and asking him why he chose different paths inside the app, we were able to visualise how decisions were made and what was attracting the users attention. The design of the article focuses on the the users interactions and uses scrolling as time indicator for the users journey.

University Project at FH Potsdam, supervised by Francesca Morini
Anna Meide, Tạ Đoàn Vi Quân and Jona Pomerance